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Genius loci - as Guests say about the Palace Popowo - a magical place that requires you to come back ...
An unique atmosphere , decorated with antiques baroque mansion interior, full of original paintings and knick-knacks. Old fireplaces and stoves where fire burns every evening. Hospitality of the Hosts, whose passion for years are travel, history, art and traditional Polish cuisine.

family party wedding

In this important for your day will take care of all the relevant details to uroszystość long remained in the memory of all the wedding guests, and you help Young to relax and play with full breast.

   Both the values ​​of the same object, service and excellent cuisine guarantee the highest quality and professionalism.
   A beautiful ballroom in the Rococo style, the eighteenth century palace and the park is ideal for nature this joyful event! We organize weddings and outdoor weddings using przypałacowej shrines. For our guests we offer comfortable accommodation.

We provide excellent conditions to organize a unique receptions with family and friends.


corporate events

We specialize in themed events, referring to the history and character of the residence. Chamber music, baroque balls, ghosts in rococo interiors of the palace.
Popowo Old Palace is the perfect location for corporate events integration in a unique atmosphere and flavor of Baroque mansion known and award-winning traditional Polish cuisine.
We have extensive experience in organizowacji events for companies and institutions.
Most important for us is your satisfaction from staying at the Palace Popowo and achieving goal - integration and training of staff. We are quick, professional and experienced team treats every client individually and will.

worth seeing

In the area are waiting for your special interest:
Cistercian monasteries in Przemęt and Wielen, which we visited during canoeing, Europe's largest steam locomotives in Wolsztyn Museum, several historic churches, mansions and castles, nature reserves, including Lily of the Valley Island, which is also visiting at the time of runoff, Smigiel - a city of windmills, forests full of mushrooms, stocked ponds and lakes, the picturesque village of Chach and shopping at flea markets - the whole town full of trinkets and antiques to buy. Beautiful lake in Boszkowo - one of the largest and most developed resorts in Greater distance is only 8km.

gourmet menu

Palace Popowo years old associate of his guests with a wonderful atmosphere, wonderful ambiance and beauty of baroque mansion ... But above all, the excellent traditional Polish cuisine.
Do not remain unnoticed and is a fan of the palace joined TVN specialties and several other media - presenting dishes and recipes directly from our pantry in your programs!

In our menu you can find such delicacies as Duck giblets from the duck dumplings, stuffed with goose or duck served with apples and cranberries in a festive white socks, and exquisite Polish soup with crayfish.

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